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worship leader


worship leader

fully embodied worship

fully embodied worship

With over 30 years of experience leading and teaching worship, Erin works to shift perspectives on worship and how it's defined.

She effortlessly blends styles & traditions while inviting worshippers to experience God in different ways

Erin's skill and gift of vocal music led her to get a Bachelor's degree in Vocal Music to further develop her talent.

Invite Erin to your next revival, choir workshop, or worship team retreat.

Hi! I'm Erin

Erin helps individuals, organizations, and churches create authentic spaces and space for authenticity.

As a queer, neurodivergent multi-media creative, Erin uses her intersecting marginalizations to help support her clients in creating mutually-inclusive cross-cultural spaces.

If this sounds like support you need, click the button below! I'd love to connect with you!

Christian Faith

Inspiring Through
Song & Worship

Singing & Worship Leading

Erin's favorite worship toy is a giant wand of bubbles. Let her inspire fresh perspectives on worship in your congregation!

Worship Arts

Worship Arts Development

Nurture your worship talent! Enhance skills with a worship workshop, or let me come teach that song you just can't get!


Preaching & Teaching

Erin preaches, teaches, and facilitates on authenticity, identity, and relationships. Invite her to your next retreat, revival, or event!

Let Erin Bring Unfiltered Authenticity Into Your Ministry

Social Justice

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

1-on-1 Support for
Intercultural Growth

Evaluate Your Personal Intercultural Development

Personalized coaching to explore and enhance your intercultural skills and awareness.

Small Team

Empowerment Through Equity, Belonging, & Access

Interactive workshops fostering inclusivity and understanding in your department or staff group.

Organizational Excellence


Workplace Culture

Comprehensive assessment and development programs for DEIBA at an organizational scale.

foster inclusion and unfiltered authenticity in yourself and your organization

Unfiltered Authenticity

Online Business Management

As a Tech and Automations Strategist, Erin will work with you to make sure your business systems aren't slowing you down!

Let Me Help Build A Business That Can Run Without You

Audit Your Systems

Uncover Hidden Potential

Discover inefficiencies and opportunities in your tech and workflows for a streamlined, mission-aligned business.

Optimize Your Workflow

Embrace Efficiency & Humanity

Redefine your processes for peak efficiency with a human touch, empowering your team's strengths

Automate Your Business

Innovation Meets Inspiration

Transform routine tasks into automated solutions, freeing time for creativity and strategic growth.

create space for unfiltered authenticity in your business

Unfiltered Authenticity

Branding, Design, and Creative Consultation

Refine Your Voice

Crafting Authentic Brand Narratives

Uncover and articulate your unique story, resonating deeply with your audience.

Strategize Growth

Blueprints for Sustainable Success

Actionable, scalable strategies to transform aspirations into achievable business goals.

Creative Solutions

Innovative Design Meets Practicality

Blend creativity with functionality to solve unique business challenges engagingly.

ensure your authentic messaging is heard

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